Didjshop.com's 2015 Give-away Competition



The winner of the Didjshop shopping voucher valued at over AUD$750 will be drawn in January 2016 and announced soon after.

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To enter, simply enter your personal details on this page, then answer the questions on the following page and submit the form for a chance to win the shopping voucher.

Please Note: This is a completely fresh competition for the year 2015

Even if you entered other Didjshop competitions before 1 January 2015,
you must submit a new entry to be in the running for this year's prizes!

Conditions of Entry

  • Only one entry per person and/or email address accepted.
  • By entering this competition, you agree to receive an email to confirm your entry and our monthly Newsletter emails about significant changes to the Didjshop.com web site and other interesting info about didjes and Aboriginal culture. If you don't want to receive more than one of these, we provide an easy means for you to unsubscribe.
  • The winner of the main prize in our 2015 competition must supply a photo of him or herself with whatever goods she/he buys from us with the shopping voucher, which (s)he will receive, for publication on the Didjshop.com web site.
  • Didjshop.com guarantees that - excepting requirements for prize winners described above - your personal data will never be provided to any third party without your explicit permission (see our privacy policy)
  • The main prize will be drawn in early January 2016.
  • Important! If a winner's email address is invalid at the time of a draw, we'll draw another winner.

It's up to you to notify Didjshop.com if your email address changes!

Your Personal Details:

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How to increase your chance of winning...

To ensure this competition is fair to all, we accept only one entry via this form per person (and per email address!)

However, it is possible to gain more entries:


Whenever you purchase items through the Didjshop you will automatically be entered into the competition with one entry for every AUS$200 spent (or part thereof).


Report a broken link in The Didjshop web site

That's right! Simply help us find links which lead nowhere in our site or any other mistakes and you can win extra chances to win the didj - one extra entry per broken link reported!

If you find problems or broken links in The Didjshop site, fill out this form to report the URL of the page/s and the exact words used in the link.

We'll email you back to let you know how many extra entries you've earned.


If you have a web site, join our affiliates scheme - you can earn CASH through your links to Didjshop.com. Become a new affiliate and we'll give you an automatic additional entry in the competition.

Incidentally, some folk can't be bothered setting up as an affiliate and just want to quickly put a link to The Didjshop in their site.

If you do this we'd still like to give you an automatic additional competition entry - so be sure to email us and let us know the URL of your link to The Didjshop!


Visit our Didj Forum and provide a short review of any book about Aboriginal culture/issues or the didjeridoo or about movies that have Aboriginal actors or didjeridoo sounds or images and we'll give you an automatic additional entry in the competition.

Click here to check out our winners page.