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Every didjeridu for sale at The Didjshop is an authentic traditional musical instrument hand crafted by Aboriginal artists and instrument makers from northern Australia.

We sell all of our didjeridus as unique items; within the shop, each didjeridu is featured on its own individual web page.

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Take as long as you want to choose the didjeridu which is exactly right for you - in price, appearance, sound quality, musical key, length, timber type or artistic design.

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Didjeridu enthusiasts with time to explore can:

  • view hundreds of photographs of didjeridoos
  • listen to hundreds of downloadable MP3 files
  • check out our extensive information pages and links

Americans - you'll be amazed The Didjshop's prices are so low! (Remember to convert them into US dollars from the much weaker Australian dollar in which all prices are initially quoted).

Some of our Aboriginal artists paint in acrylic. Check out the detail on this didjeridu!

In a hurry?

The Didjshop also caters for customers with less time to spare.....

We've set up the shop so you can quickly narrow down your search for an ideal didjeridoo for you

If you already know what you're looking for - you can find it fast.

  • Our didgeridoos are organized into departments by price-range and by type of didgeridoo.
  • The shop is fully searchable - look for particular qualities such as length and musical key.
  • A built-in currency converter helps you see how much each item costs in your own currency.

How to buy from The Didjshop

Our shopping cart system is designed with our customers' convenience in mind.

While browsing The Didjshop, at any time you can add a particular item to your shopping basket with a single action.

When you wish to review your order, click on the Shopping Cart button to see the contents of your cart - and amend the contents as you wish.

Once you decide you're ready to purchase, click on the Checkout button.

This takes you to a page where you can determine the appropriate shipping fees.

From there, it's only one click to a Secure (SSL) Order Form where you can enter your contact and credit card details. If you prefer, you can print the completed form and fax it to us.

Incidentally - if you want to buy more than one didj, please don't order the same didgeridoo twice. All our didjes are unique - that means there's only one of each!

How to play the didjeridu tutorial videoWe don't just sell Didjeridus!

Didjeridus are our main specialty, but we sell other related goods.

Would you like a convenient way to carry your didjeridoo?

...choose from our selection of didj bags in varying sizes and designs

Are you a beginner - or a seasoned didj player who'd like to take your didjeridoo skills further?

.... whatever you current skill level, we think you'll enjoy our popular "How to Play the Didjeridu" video tutorial. This video, presented by the highly-respected veteran Aboriginal didgeridoo player David Blanasi and The Didjshop's proprietor Svargo Freitag, teaches the famous "circular breathing" technique.

plain clapsticks available in The DidjshopThe Didjshop sells other authentic hand-crafted traditional artefacts and musical instruments made by Aborigines from northern Australia:

Prices for boomerangs, clap sticks and bullroarers vary according to size and design.

Looking for a boomerang?

Choose from the four kinds of boomerang in our range:

What's more... reconciliation in Australia

The Didjshop supports the reconciliation process between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.

Australian Aborigines - Australia's indigenous or first peoples - suffered appalling treatment as their land was stolen and culture relentlessly assaulted during two centuries of European colonisation.

We acknowledge the generous spirit of Aboriginal people who support reconciliation with non-indigenous Australians, despite continuing injustice and an Australian Government which refuses to apologize for the wrongs of the past.

Check out our links...

If you are interested in finding out more about this topic -and exploring other issues relating to the history, culture, art and politics of Aboriginal Australia - check out our links section.

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You may also like to check out our online assistant, designed to help you choose a Didjeridu.

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