2012 Didgeridoo Competition Winner!

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The winner of our 2012 prize didj is
Joel Benge
from Forest Hill, Baltimore, USA.

Here are Joel's comments on his win and his new didj:

Joel Benge from Forest Hill, Baltimore, USA

"I was both surprised and thrilled to receive the email notification that I had won the 2012 didgeridoo. I almost dismissed it as a hoax until I saw the address and remembered signing up for the Didjshop.com newsletters.

I was so pleased to receive the shipping and delivery notification so quickly after providing my address.

I tore open the box and marvelled at how beautiful the didj is! It is incredibly well crafted and the painting is so intricate. The artist, Brad Gossam, should be very pleased with this piece! I feel very blessed to have it.

While I haven't come near to being able to play to the point where I'd feel comfortable showing anyone, I have been able to manage a decent drone and can sustain it for several seconds. It's a start, right? Circular breathing is intimidating to me. However, I never imagined I would actually own a real, Australian didgeridoo. So I can hope for the impossible and work toward achieving circular breathing.

I am already planning on investing in another didj to be my daily player. My family and friends already think I'm obsessed, so why not start a collection, eh?

I'm attaching photos of myself with the didj at Rocks State park, our local wilderness spot. I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can climb the King and Queen's Seat, a large rock outcropping, and play my didgeridoo into the cavernous valley below for everyone to year. I'll update with picture of that. Also, my three-year-old son has already shown an interest in learning. Do you have any pee-wee sized didjes?

Joel Benge, Forest Hill, MD"

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